Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome to my flowers blog!

Hi everyone!I thought I would start a blog just for my flowers so they are always easy to find :)

To start I'll tell you a bit about the flowers :D Each flower is handmade by me,from recycled materials and remnants.The recycled materials come from a charity shop so people who need it benefit from me reusing these materials and they arent paper so no trees are harmed in the making of them! LOL yes I like to do my bit ;-) So there you go you can tell your hubbys you are doing your bit for the environment by buying my flowers lol

However because they are created this way some colours are only available for a short time.

I have alot of colours available but if there is a colour I dont seem to have just send me an email and I'll see what I can do :)

First up we have a group of my poppies.Poppies are similar to the well known lollipops we all make from paper but mine are made from fabrics and add a fab texture to cards and LO's.

These are what I am calling "Fairy flowers" just because they look a bit fairyish lol they are available in shimmery pink,white or soft purple.All come with a pearl centre.

These are Earthy colours together chocolate brown,tan,black and beige.This is a photo of my "Regal Roses"these come in the shown colours.

All the colours together :)
Regal Navy
Organza white
Party pink
Vintage pink
Pastel pink
Shimmery black
Pastel purple
Regal cream

Regal lace
Regal rose
Regal olive
Regal purple
Also available is chocolate brown,beige and tan (pictures coming soon )

My flowers are priced by the following

Large roses are priced at $6.50 (excluding postage and handling) for a pack of 4 flowers (2 inch)
small roses are priced at $4.50 (excluding postage and handling) for a pack of 3 flowers (1 inch)

Centres available are vintage buttons,pearls,beads or metal charms.

Your choice of centres on placing your order or you can have your flower with no centre :) Please note the metal centres are subject to availability and incur an additional cost of 50 cents to the flowers with them.

Poppies are priced as follows

Large poppies are priced at $5.50 (excluding postage and handling) for a pack of 4 flowers (2 inch)
small poppies are priced at $4.00 (excluding postage and handling) for a pack of 3 flowers (1 inch)

You can mix and match colours of your packs if you wish please let me know your colour choices in your order :)

Postage is priced at $2.50 per pack within Australia.If you order more than 3 packs the postage rate is to be advised :)

If you order flowers they will be packaged in a snap lock bag before being posted in a postage envelope so they arrive to you in perfect condition ready for your next scrapbooking or cardmaking project :) I have even been having a play with adding them to other things :D

To order flowers please contact me via

If you are a shop who would like to buy my flowers for your kits of in your store please contact me on

Thanks for taking the time to have a look!

Krissy xx


  1. Krissy, you know I love, love, love your flowers! Wow your fairy flowers are so sweet - are they new? (I think I need some of those too)Ax

  2. These are stunning Krissy. Goodluck with your venture...these are great value.


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