Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Vintage Blossoms new colours!

I finally pulled out my finger and made some proper labels for my handmade flowers :D I did a combo of stamps,stickers and some of my little doodling to make it :) It took me a few attempts to get it to where I was happy but I like the result :) Not perfect but handmade and thats the way I like things :D Do you like them?

Yay for 2 new roses colours :) Yummy Princess Pink :D and gorgeous soft green :) I can see myself using alot of these in the not too distant future ;-) I photographed the small with the large so you can see the sizing :)
New poppies! In some gawjuss pastels :) Omg these colours are devine I love them ....can I say that? lol New colours are pastel pink polka dots.pastel tan,pastel aqua and some combos of the 3 :D Thet have all been listed in the shop at Wicked Princesses so if you would like to find out more head on over and check it all out :)

I have made a heap more Laceys after they sold out so if you would like some they have been re-listed :) Also more cream and mocha roses :)

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Flowery hugs!

Krissy xx


  1. Love your new labels Krissy :-)

  2. Oh Krissy... those labels look awesome!! Great work. CONGRATULATIONS.


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