Thursday, February 4, 2010

All new!!

Ive been busy making lots of new flowers to share with you all :) All of which are available to buy at Wicked Princesses :)

Laceys - made from vintage upcycled lace.....really delciate and pretty , perfect for vintage,girly or wedding pages I think :)

Traffic pops (aka beep beeps lol) perfect for boys pages :)

Roses colour packs :D All co-ordinating and still only $6.50 per pack of 4 :D

Bright roses!!Thes ones are small :)
Large roses -inspired by Kate :) Thanks for the inspiration lovely!
How cute are these colourful poppies!?! Inspired by Kazz *mwah* thanks Kazz :D

If you are interested in any of these and the others please head over to Wicked Princesses to find out more :)
Flowery hugs!
Krissy xx

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Krissy xx